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Key Team Members

Managing Director - Roy Menachemson

Roy has held senior executive management positions within the bowling Industry over the past 35 years. He is regarded as an expert in bowling centre operations and as a respected leader within the Industry. In recent years Roy has been the Australian Managing Director of AMF Bowling Centres International Inc (1994 – 1996); set up his own Bowling Centre group BowlAustralia Pty Limited where he was the managing Director (acquired by Macquarie Leisure IN 2005) and since 2005 through to 2013 has been CEO of the Ardent bowling division as well as CEO development for Ardent Leisure Limited (a position that he occupied until leaving the Company in August 2013).
In this capacity Roy developed 9 ‘new wave’ entertainment facilities with bowling as the core across Australia. He was furthermore charged with the responsibility of the AMF modernisation programme and converted many traditional centres into multi entertainment facilities. He was also responsible for introducing Laser Tag into the AMF bowling chain and upgrading the amusement areas of the centres.
Roy is an Industry Fellow attached to the Faculty of Business at UTS and has been the Chair of the Industry Advisory Board to the School of Leisure Sport and Tourism Management where he sat on the Board for over 20 years. He is also an external lecturer on business marketing (Events management) at UTS.

Sales / Customer relations Director - Betty Dyas

brings a unique brand of knowledge enthusiasm to the organization.
Over 15 years in the bowling Industry, Betty has accumulated a network of highly respected contractors, consultants, property specialists and legal practitioners. She is the consummate professional and is able to negotiate, instruct and guide all aspects of technical requirements from grass roots level through to completion. She has a sound understanding of construction methodologies and has worked very closely with both David and Roy in delivering outstanding facilities. Betty is highly regarded by bureaucrats at many Councils throughout Australia and New Zealand and has carried the full responsibility of procuring construction certificate, occupation certificates and in particular liquor licences.
She enjoys an unassuming personality and will provide the Company with an invaluable resource in the area of Sales direction and customer relations.
Betty has worked together with Roy and David as part of a very closely knit team throughout their tenure at AMF Bowling and Ardent Leisure and together they form a formidable team.